60% of the teachers in Northwest Bulgaria need digital training

The study, that has been conducted by “Gallup International” upon the request of the Digital National Alliance points to the need for additional training of teachers from North-West Bulgaria.

Digital National Alliance, supported by the Ministry of Education and Science and Google.org launched the project E-start@school to reduce the risk of late digital start of Students in Northwestern Bulgaria. The initiative provides trainings for 450 teachers from 200 schools in the region.

In the framework of the initiative a sociological survey was also conducted by “Gallup International” upon the request of the Digital National Alliance, at the end of March. During the survey were interviewed 322 teachers from 215 schools and kindergartens in the districts of Vidin, Vratsa, Lovech, Montana and Pleven.

The data shows a high potential for additional teachers’ trainings in digital technology – nearly 60% of the respondents said they did not feel confident enough and felt the need for further information on the topic and its practical implementation.

47% of the teachers are well acquainted with the possibilities of the digital practices in education and use them in their day-to-day work, and share their experiences with colleagues.

Only a third of the interviewed feel free to experiment and only 15% have more options and experience with their application in different situations in the process of working with children from pre-primary and primary education.

The survey does not show significant differences between the five districts in the region. In general, a less acquainted and experienced with digital technologies are the teachers in kindergartens and teachers with  longer experience in the field of education(respectively, older) that feel more unprepared than their younger colleagues. The same applies to the teachers in rural schools regions.

The full study could be found here (in Bulgarian).